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squarepicMasks are great fun for carnivals, cosplay or balls. Caroline shows how to make a new accessory that's a real conversation starter.

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Teresa Bergman
How to make leather masks
I just wanted to see how to make a leather mask.
Well I hope this helped!
Edge Beveler and Oven warning
Just a quick word of warning about the oven suggestion in the essay - I'm sure it would work if you follow the directions precisely as he says - however, it's also really easy to accidentally 'cook' the leather (just a bit too hot, or just a bit too long), and then your whole project is ruined. The leather will shrink and warp. I have a delightful example of a warped wallet that no longer looks like a wallet, will never hold money, and is hard as a rock in it's crazy new form, forever.
Also, instead of rubbing the rough edges of your expensive leather for hours, I'd suggest an edge beveler - you'll still have to smooth the edges like he says in the essay, but it will look much nicer, much faster, and if you've already shelled out the dough for the leather, another few bucks shouldn't be a deal breaker, and they are really easy to use.
Also you can get really, really thin with the leather for a mask, and it makes it easier to work with and can turn out beautifully.

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