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SqarepicIt's the part we've all been waiting for! Bernadette explains how to monetize an Internet presence and make money as an influencer. 

Icon1In part two of her series on illustrating your own pattern directions, Lisha teaches us how to create a digital sketch, step-by-step!

squarepicEver wondered how those costumes get on screen? Chantal explains the process of getting hired and starting out in film costume design.

Sqarepic Dressmaking may not be a lucrative profession, but being a YouTube star can be. Bernadette reveals how to become an online influencer. 

squareCreating your own line of sewing patterns? You'll need strong illustrations, an appealing cover image and clear diagrams - here's how...

SquarepicBeing the 'mysterious costumer' may sound interesting, but it doesn't pay too well. Izabela tells us how to market our costuming businesses to ensure success.

icon free smTurning your “hobby” into your career can be frightening. Before you give your boss and spouse the big speech, take our quiz!

squareIn part 2 of her series, Chantal explains the practicalities of working in Wardrobe and gives plenty of excellent insider tips and tricks...

SquarepicA sewing diary gives a fascinating look into the creative process of making costumes. Lisha explains how to chart progress and share accomplishments with others.

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