At this time, we're looking for articles on these eras: Medieval, Renaissance, Regency, Teens and 20th c Vintage eras, but welcome articles from other periods as well.

We particularly welcome articles on these topics

Hermann Fenner Behmer, The Writer

Content should be at the advanced level, but accessible and well explained. It must have references to period sources, eg, museum examples, etc.

The articles must concentrate on ultra-practical how-tos. It needs to be advanced: 33% of readers have over 20 yrs experience, half describe themselves as "pretty advanced". The content should be new and not yet published in another form (website, print)

Current payment rates are UK£60 (currently US$100) per article.

Articles should be at least 2-3000 words long and 25-30 pictures apiece. A single article or a series would be fine.

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