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12286217056 8c1b92f31c mThe picture that inspired the dress was posted on Facebook somewhere and it immediately caught my eye – I adored the practical  fabrics, I loved the colours, I even didn’t mind the bows so much.

I knew that sooner or later, I was going to make it. The whole story is already published on here, with the instructions how to replicate it , so now just the bare bones

The outfit consists of a wool skirt, with velvet trim decoration, lined with cotton. Walking length as opposed to the trained one shown in the picture – the only concession to practicality.

Overdress in wool, lined with cotton, decorated with velvet trim, velvet buttons, velvet bows, and trimmed with rabbit fur.

Bodice in wool, lined in cotton, decorated with the usual ribbon and bow trims and fur edging. The false vest is made in silk taffeta and cotton lace.

The whole outfit is worn over  the standard underpinnings of the era – petticoats, chemise, corset, bustle etc…

Hat in wool, velvet and marabou trim – the most experimenting was with its shape!


Izabela Pitcher 1876 winter
Izabela Pitcher Izabela Pitcher
Izabela Pitcher Izabela Pitcher




This is one of the most wonderful dresses I have ever seen! I'm in awe. Thank you for the tutorial, by the way. smile


The thing about Izabela is that she can look at the picture Monday morning, and by Friday evening the same week, will have produced an EXACT replica a good deal of which will be hand stitched. No mucking about with finding patterns in old books and other sources ... Just pure skill and talent. I am in awe every time!
Sara A. Mueller
This is simply gorgeous. Beautifully done. The hat is delightful.

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