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Izabela PitcherJust over two years ago I got married – Victorian style. The articles on the bridal trousseaux have already been published here, but  as I was discussing the possibilities for an entry recently it has been suggested that my wedding gown is a perfect example of this year's themes. And so – here it is.

Favourite things incorporated into the design:

Victorian fashion – especially Worth. The design for the dress was based on 2 existing gowns: the Worth polonaise as seen in V&A – I simply loved the scalloped train with pleat and lace design. The skirt, apron front and the day bodice shape were inspired by another dress, - by L.P. Hollander & Co. 1884 (Mint Museum). I liked the narrow ruffle at the skirt, the shape of the bodice, the tiny buttons – and so these items were put on the design too.

Fabrics: silks are by far my favourite and there are several different kinds used on the gown – silk duchess satin for all the top layers and pleats; silk taffeta and habotai for linings, taffeta for the corset, silk twill for balayeuse.

I love lace too and was able to incorporate a few kinds of cotton and linen lace too.

Colours: ivory, for the bridal theme, and my two favourite colours, greens and heather (well, generic purple/violet hue). The splashes of colour were to be provided by the decoration – ivory roses with green sprays and heather coloured flowers.

Mixing it all up into one working ensemble was a bit of a trial, but we ended up with the following:

Skirt with a narrow ruffle, overskirt with apron front, decorated at the sides with the flowers, detachable train with the Worth design, with roses added to the decoration.

The train was left flowing for the ceremony and was busted up and secured with swags of flowers for dancing, etc.

Two bodices – the day bodice based on the Hollander design, with lace and pearl buttons, and the evening bodice with neckline decorated with flowers.

Two years on, I still love my wedding dress – and I still wear it for Victorian events.

The design

Izabela Pitcher Izabela Pitcher


Izabela Pitcher Izabela Pitcher Izabela Pitcher

Izabela Pitcher



This is absolutely stunning -- what a wedding! I especially love the way the bustle loops up. Very graceful and elegant. And the sidesaddle horse shot revealing your amazing boots! Wow. Well done!
I join jenniechancey's praises. I love the whole outfit with the different layers, the fresh flowers and beautiful hair style. I's so great that you can wear this again on other events. It would have been a waste, locking up such a masterpiece in the wardrobe.
Such a beautiful and accomplished piece of work. Just completely stunning!

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