SquarepicBeing the 'mysterious costumer' may sound interesting, but it doesn't pay too well. Izabela tells us how to market our costuming businesses to ensure success.

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Share/comment/like to win competitions are against Facebook promotion guidelines and running them carries the risk of having your page deleted. (Although many do it without being caught but it still could happen to you)

thanks for that Christine, wasnt aware of that! mind you it still allows you running contests and promiotions, but requires you to specify different entry requirements than just liking/sharing. which means, it is still legal if you comply with it -and actually makes it a bit more interesting, though not having such a wide reach as share to win ones. :-)
I have a fb page, business instagram, and website. I'm working on trying to use the best SEO for my business, and trying to get my shop listings formatted properly for Google Ads, but it has become such a painstaking process. If I wanted to let my shop host automate the Google ads process, I can, but it's like $150 per month and I can't even guarantee I can afford $30 per month. I'm really struggling with how best to promote myself. I used to to some craft shows, and have gone to two bridal shows and several burlesque shows, as a vendor, but they are all REALLY hit or miss. The bridal shows don't seem to have any return on investment, but I do have bridal goods & unique services on offer. I don't know what I'm overlooking.

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