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Running a business

Period Costume for Film 1

squarepicEver wondered how those costumes get on screen? Chantal explains the process of getting hired and starting out in film costume design.

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Thank you!   I loved reading this. I majored in costume design in college and worked on one low budget (2mil) film and realized it was not for me. I love sewing and designing - but I couldn't function in that environment. More power to the people who can! After college I looked for a different path to apply my skills. Sometimes I wonder "what if", but your words really rang true and I know I would never have the right temperament to succeed. If only I had known that before all those student loans ;)  
  Glad you liked it! Feel like I barely scratched the surface.  
Last edited on 16.12.2014 17:53 by Chantal Filson

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