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SquarepicSewing historic costumes as a business takes far more planning and organization than as a hobby. Izabela has some tips on time management for commissions.

icon free smBenefit from a pro costumer's experience of dealing with difficult customers, including how to avoid distressing ones in the first place!

costume_icon.jpg Costuming nonprofessionals or re-enactors is different from professional theatre or film work. Suzi shares her experience.

closeupYou’ve spent a lot of time designing and constructing a knockout garment; you deserve a decent record of it. Joanne shows how to photograph costumes. 

icon free sm Do your photos do your work justice? Here are the tips and advice that will help make your costume photos as good as they can be.

Tailor Made Girl, 1888Professional costumer Suzi Clarke reminisces about her years at the RSC dressing actors, and then shares some helpful tips on fitting.

Mother and Son, 1840, Thomas SullyJema Hewitt and Alexis Black advise on the warning signs of a problem customer or project, and how to tactfully say "no"...

Costuming Strangers Costuming people you have never met can be frustrating, but with experience and forward planning, many pitfalls can be avoided.

ImageHow do I know they'll pay, and won't ruin and try to return what I've made them? The answer to most business concerns is to have a good contract.

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