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squarepicThe relationship between dance and costume is one of the most intimate to be found in the performing arts. Benjamin explains...

aspetti di vita quotidiana, abbigliamento lana,TaccuinoPeople come in different shapes, sizes, abilities... and other traits, such as how we experience the world. Here's how to enjoy sewing anyway.

Butterick 2089 1923The sailor suit finds its way full circle, back into the fashions, the sewing classes and the uniforms of the 20th century, completing  the tale.

John Singer Sargent 1887The sailor suit was a ubiquitous part of the Victorian era. Emmalia explores its development and why it was so popular. 

Appropriate Embroidery 2 by Denise HendrickWhat if all your painstaking embroidery is from the wrong period entirely? Avoid the nightmare with part 2 of Denise's essential guide!

squarepicWhat embroidery design is right for your latest project? Denise traces techniques & motifs as they transition from one period to the next. 

Jacques DoucetJacques Doucet was one of the great designers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Joy introduces us to the man and his work.

squarepicSteampunk style blends historic know-how with imagination, engineering and a dose of good humour. Here's how to get started...

squarepicThe world of Steampunk is mysterious and enchanting. Lisha tells us how to add Steampunk elements without spending a lot of money.

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