aspetti di vita quotidiana, abbigliamento lana,TaccuinoPeople come in different shapes, sizes, abilities... and other traits, such as how we experience the world. Here's how to enjoy sewing anyway.

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Thank you for this amazing and insightful article. Spoons may also vary according the age and health of the person. I can't do the events I did 30 years ago, and am looking for less strenuous ways of enjoying costume. Much helpful understanding here that I'd like to share. Still pondering corsets as a hug! Please let me know when you are able to release this to the general public as I would be happy to boost signal.
Thank you for this article. :) It is nothing new to me, though.
But it is also good for people who need help.

It is also the reason why I can't sew at any place that is messy and has poor sewing machine, poor tools. Which is basically one who has a random sewing machine that is unserviced and of poor model, in a bad place where you aren't comfortable, and is dirty, that's a no no to me. Many people have suggested me to take job where I would sew... for example mockups in a place where they have everything that applies above, or.. repair clothes - dirty and icky... Sharing workplace - nope for me. so I said sewing is nice for me AT HOME, but not outside of home! Unless I can have my own (spacious) room and dictate exactly what I need and tools and NOT sew-repair old clothes.

At home I have taken over the living room as the atelier. It is still not ideal, I have too much stuff! But much better than like sewing in the kitchen with temporary setting.

If I have to sew in non-ideal place I would explode...

Add bad sewing machine and dusty cramped place = me getting scratchy uncomfortable. Not touching that with a pole.. Still people who tried to make me get work did not understand. sheesh.

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