wardrobe5SmallIt has been a dream of mine to go to Venetian Carnival in costume, and finally I have that opportunity at the end of this month.  I have spent all of my free time during the last year preparing for this ‘bucket list’ trip. The clothing at Venetian Carnival balls is traditionally 18th century inspired. For this event I have been making all of the garments that my boyfriend and I will wear. At the time of writing I have four gowns, including all appropriate undergarments, outerwear (cloaks, mitts, etc.) and accessories. He, of course, will have the appropriate male garments. I only wish the due date for this contest was after my event, as I will have much better photos at that time! 

My entry is one of the dresses that I will be wearing as inspired by a favorite painting of mine: Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’.  I chose The Swing as my inspiration because it is a sensual painting that is in the spirit of Carnival: a woman is pushed on a swing by her husband, while her lover hides in the bushes watching her.  

I have learned so much throughout this journey and hope that you enjoy seeing the work that I have completed.  The three challenges that I found to be the biggest obstacles were time, fit, and remaking shoes.  In regards to time, while a year is a great amount of time for a project, I found that the scope of the project grew as I progressed.  In regards to fit, I unfortunately did not have anyone who could help me mark hems, check armscyes or fit bodices. I found my dressmaking form to be invaluable during this time. Finally, recovering of shoes, and having them look GOOD, was a very daunting task. As the shoes are in the forefront of this image, I knew that they had to be the perfect pair of romantic mules. I am quite pleased with how the shoes for this gown turned out, and even happier they will be ‘seen’ due to the higher hemline of the skirt.  


Costume pieces from the skin out


Check out Lauren's blog for more ~ See Instagram for more photos, including updates direct from Venice this week as Lauren enjoys Carnivale!


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Lauren Rossi Lauren Rossi Lauren Rossi
Lauren Rossi Lauren Rossi Lauren Rossi Lauren Rossi





Love those shoes! shocked And that underwear... You will look great at that Venetian Carnival. I would love to see that costume together with the right hair style too. I suppose that will come up on your blog?
WOW. Lovely work all-around; the color and shapes and just...everything is very beautiful. Great job on the trim! Love the tiny portrait :D and the shoes are fabulous! I'd love to see it with a period hairstyle, as well :)
Thank you very much for the kind words on my work- as you know they make the effort all worthwhile

Unfortunately due to time and my "real job" I wasn't able to take these photos done up properly! But...

YES! I will be posting probably more pictures than anyone wants to see with all period hairstyles and accoutrements starting next Tuesday! I arrived in Venice for carnival today and have 4 gowns I will be wearing throughout the week to the many festivities

If you use Instagram - please add me. Virtuouscourtes an. It is much easier for me to update there than my blog while I am here. I also have detail shots of that costumes that I was unable to highlight in 10 photos.

Many thanks


Sorry. Error in name (this Is harder to do from my phone!).

Instagram : virtuouscourtes an

Also there is a direct link in original post


I love your gown, its trim and your accessories smile I've just started making one and have started a sewalong on facebook - your dress is being added to my links page immediately.
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What a stunning gown!! The striped silk is just gorgeous and so perfect for this period.

I think what really makes this dress special is all the details; the pinked trim, beautiful lace, miniature portrait, accessories - they all come together to create a fantastic costume that I'm sure will be the envy of many of your fellow carnival goers!

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