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When I found out that one of this year's competition themes was "Unloved fashions of history" I immediately knew that I wanted to try and make a dress from the Romantic era. I have always thought the fashion styles back then were beautiful in a very ugly way. So, when I stumbled across this fashion plate from 1830, I chose to use it as my inspiration for a dress, as all the little details jumped out at me.

I started off using a “Truly Victorian” pattern, altering it to fit my needs and wishes. The dress is made of green cotton, with quite a lot of cotton piping around the belt and hem and inside the tabs at the lower part of the dress. It was made as a one-piece dress with a hook and eye closure at the back. The hardest part was to figure out how to get the pleats to stay in the position that I wanted them to stay in. I had to alter the dress a couple of times till I felt it looked right.

The gown is worn over a cotton muslin chemise, long corded stays, a corded petticoat, a ruffled and heavily starched muslin petticoat, a white cotton petticoat with lace trimmed hem and wool-filled sleeve supports.

Along with the dress, I made the hairpiece that can be seen in the fashion plate, using the same fabric that I had been using for the gown.

I really like the way the dress turned out in the end. So far I haven’t had a chance to wear it, but I hope I will have a chance to wear it soon at a Biedermeier festival in Germany.


I love this dress, its colour and trims, your underpinnings and your hair style!
Oh, I love it! You've really captured the spirit of my favourite unloved fashion. I was also very tempted to go for 1830's, but freaked out at the idea of making all the underpinnings for the costume too. Well done!
I salute you for making a corded petticoat, and having the patience to make that and all those trims.
sarah coombs
I love your detail work...that takes so much time and effort!
This is absolutely fabulous, down to the internal sleeve puffs! You have nailed the entire silhouette so perfectly. Brava!
This is gorgeous. All the detail work is beautiful - on both the underpinnings and dress. Wonderful work!
Beautiful. i really love the color and the beautiful detail work.
Richard T. Herr
An amazing work of art. You copied that fashion plate with pristine detail! Bravo! I love the hat it is exquisite.
Your work is beautiful! From head to toe,it takes my breath away! Well done!
Atomix Onyx
You definitely did a fantastic job bringing this lost fashion to life...and it's not at all ugly. It's unique beauty and style! Well done! Brava!

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