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SquarepicMini hats are a great, fun accompaniment to an ensemble and an adorable way to use up extra fabric. Lisa shows us how to block and decorate a mini tricorn. 

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It would be great to look at your tutorial of how to block and decorate a mini tricorn.
I am a costume student currently on a gap year and always on the look out for great information.
I am hoping to attend the Oxford confrence, however I have recieved a place onto The Northern College of Costume, this summer and therefor might not be able to attend. Will you be attending any other events, and may I also ask if you would be open to a costume constructor such as myself to shadow you while you work?
Thank you for your time,
Francesca Wilkinson

Hi Francesca,

I am also going to the oxford conference, so if you do make it come and say hi!

Well done on getting onto the costume course, friends of mine have done it and said how fantastic it was.

Whilst I’d love to help out and offer shadowing opportunities I work in such a small space (home studio) that it is quite difficult to offer such things, but I’m always happy to answer questions and help in any other way I can :)

They are lovely. It is a great idea. Your tutorial is very clear. I think I am going to make one of them.
Thank you, so glad you liked it and are going to have a go at making one! :)
Informative article.
I had happend to just be looking for a tutorial like this and found it while browsing the articles today! You explain things very clearly through pictures and description. I can't wait to make my first blocked hat!
I hope that you have more articles in store for us I love to watch people make hats and would like to learn, but the costume programme that I am in at University doesn't allow us time to learn this skill since we have 4-5 shows per semester.

So glad you like the article! :) I will hopefully be writing more articles for YWU and FR so watch this space!

I actually taught myself to block hats through online resources, books and trial and error! So definitely have a go in your free time, I found it really good fun as the results are relatively quick and you can see your hat coming together before your eyes, very satisfying!

Hope you have fun with your first hat, please feel free to ask any questions and I will help where I can!


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