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Regency SteampunkTravel and adventure in far-flung lands go hand-in-hand with the advancement of the British Empire and the discoveries of new technology and science.

Finished replicaWant to copy a costume from a movie or stage show? Lisha guides us through the process, with valuable tips on doll size costuming.

Stage costumesCostuming is fun, but winning is pretty fun, too. Elizabeth gives some tips on how to make a good impression in a live costume contest.

The Wishing dressHave you ever wanted to copy a costume from a movie or stage show? Lisha examines the five steps to creating a costume replica.

Debutante and Gentleman, Photo by SoulStealer (SoulStealer.co.uk) "Emilly Ladybird" (aka Jema) explores how to create and costume interesting characters by investigating Steampunk archetypes.

Annie OakleyAthena explores how to integrate aspects of other cultures into your costumes to help make your Steampunk unique.

Designing a fabulous gown, Photo courtesy of Arandale on FlickrA fabulous gown doesn't happen by accident! Designing for a big event takes thought, planning, research and creativity. Here's how.

Croquis, part 2How to add more detail to your historic fashion illustration, how to use shadows and highlights, how to draw fabric, and how to add color.

Croquis part 1If you want to design your own historic fashions, you'll do well to learn how to make your own fashion sketches. Lisha shows how.

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