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SquarepicIn a previous article, Lisha showed us how to draw our own fashion sketches. Here she introduces another type of costume drawing: the flat. 

SquarePicHalloween is nigh, but no time to sew a new costume? Chances are you've already got something great in your closet - here is some inspiration to get you started!

squarepicAsad continues his series on designing costumes for film and theatre, where a character's costumes need to say as much as the actor speaking the lines.

SquarepicDesigning for one's own pleasure is one thing, but what about designing costumes for characters in film or theater? Asad takes us from script to sketch to screen. 

SquarepicMini hats are a great, fun accompaniment to an ensemble and an adorable way to use up extra fabric. Lisa shows us how to block and decorate a mini tricorn. 

SquarepicIn Part 1, Izabela discussed the inspiration process for her Steampunk Travellers collection. See how it all turned out in this continuation ... 

SquarePicA lot of work goes into the design of a fashion collection. Izabela takes us through the process for her Steampunk Travellers collection.

SupperSquareSo you've decided you want to make a fancy dress costume? Trust Laura to get you started.


Empress Eugenie as Marie AntoinetteCostuming has been going on longer than we have been around. Laura introduces us to Fancy Dress and the ways people have dressed up through the ages. 

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