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thumbnailCostume departments use "bibles" to keep a record of garments made for a specific production. Bernadette gives us easy templates to make our own!

squarepicButtons can be both beautiful and functional, but when were different kinds of buttons popular? Hannah gives us an overview.

04WeavePlainRuth continues her exploration of historical textiles and shows us how to find modern equivalents. 

zwirnorigbeautysimplicityChoosing the right buttons makes a real difference to a final garment. Gina shows us how to make textile buttons for shirts and undergarments. 

squareipcWhat can colour mean? Kat invites us to explore the Medieval world of symbolism, meaning and magic through a rainbow of dyestuffs.

04WeavePlainRuth explores the huge variety of historic fabrics described in archives and seen in museums, finding us modern equivalents and suppliers.

Image 42   moth finalHave a perfect vintage button, but need more? Lina shows us how to use modern tech to duplicate antique buttons. 

squarepicVivid colors can be achieved with plant-based dyes. Kat of Medieval Colours shows us how to dye yarns using a popular Medieval dyeplant.

SquarepicWhen creating shapes that defy the laws of physics, logic, or human anatomy, basic upholstery foam is one of the costumer's best tools.

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