squareipcWhat can colour mean? Kat invites us to explore the Medieval world of symbolism, meaning and magic through a rainbow of dyestuffs.

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Thank you for a very interesting article. I find historical textiles fascinating. How the choice of or lack of choice have been used around the world and through time to control and colonize people. Thank you for sharing your wonderful research.
Color as an indicator of fabric quality, designer and social status have long been a subject of intrest, thank you for historical exploration.
"As a mordant (a substance which prepares the fibres before dyeing) they could use easily obtained things from the household: a bit of sour-dough grabbed during a bread-making process"

I would love to know more about this. I didn't find anything about sourdough as a mordant when Googling, do you know where I could read more about this? Thanks.


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