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zwirnorigbeautysimplicityChoosing the right buttons makes a real difference to a final garment. Gina shows us how to make textile buttons for shirts and undergarments. 

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Wonderful idea!
Thank you so much for this article. One problem I have encountered since I began historical sewing was finding period-appropriate buttons at a price I could afford. This is a lovely alternative. I am excited to give it a chance.
This is a lovely article, I have seen modern Dorsets being made in several different ways and this was really interesting, inspirational and gave the history behind the buttons too. Thank you!
Dorset buttons
I did a workshop last year at our local museum about making Dorset buttons and found your article a good reminder that I do have options other than plastic buttons. I also learnt that I won't be making a fourtune as a button maker but that's an aside
This is such excellent timing as I begin to work on an Edwardian Shirtwaist which will need buttons, now I have heaps of option I can do at home!

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