thumbnailCostume departments use "bibles" to keep a record of garments made for a specific production. Bernadette gives us easy templates to make our own!

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Costume Bible - questions and comments
Dear Bernadette,

Thank you for sharing your methods for documenting and archiving each project. As a new Stitchling, your article comes as a good time.


You mentioned that you store the pattern in another location (too bulky for the notebook). Do you have a reference system so that you can use your bibles to locate the pattern?

Do you have a digital archive/back-up system? Fabrics cannot be archived this way, but photos that come close to the true colors of the material can go into a digital archive. For myself, I can see the need to access notes on scaling and modifying past projects. Full disclosure, my friends believe that I am a bit obsessive about back-ups, but I see them as insurance.


Detailed and Helpful Article
Dear Bernadette,

Thank you for a detailed and helpful article full of useful information. I am, as always, impressed by your attention detail. However, I do have a question. These notebooks full of information are necessarily bulky. Since, like you, I have also have limited space, where do you store your bibles as they grow in number?

Again, thank you for the suggestions and useful downloads.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Bernadette,
Thank you for writing this! When I started sewing in December I also began my own patterns journal. I can be incredibly nostalgic and also like to catalogue all the things (librarian at heart) so to know this is widely done is nice. I bought a graph paper notebook to translate my patterns in 1/8 their original size so I can include them in my pattern journal and its already proved to be super useful! Thanks again and look forward to the next article x

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