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Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla
Priscilla Priscilla

The inspiration for this dress was to copy a pink house dress from the cover of 'The Modern Priscilla' Magazine from 1917.  After some research on house dresses though I feel like my dress could pass for somewhere between 1915-1917. Since the magazine only gives a side view I had a little room for creativity but I focused on a few things from the original to make sure I was copying it; the pink color of course, the white sleeve cuffs and the pointed collar, the slight poofiness to the back of the blouse and the not overly full skirt. 

I looked at a lot of original patterns and their diagrams and decided to use elastic at the waist and no closures based on a 1914 and 1916 dress pattern that appeared to be elasticized. I've never done anything in this era before and didn't do very well drafting a pattern so I started with the pattern Butterick 6093 as a basis and tweaked that to suit my needs. I did end up keeping the skirt detail from the pattern.  The pattern also had the crossing neckline that I needed for my dress, a detail that I found was very common across the many house dress patterns I looked at. 

I did machine sew this dress because I figured for this time period a dress like this could have been machine sewn over hand stitched. 

I used pink and white cotton for my fabrics and some lace at the neckline. 

Dress diary

I love this! From the dress itself to the recreation of the picture, this is completely charming. Love it!
Beautiful dress! Very well done indeed!
The imitation of the magazine cover is great.
The design and color scheme are adorable.
This is so pretty and you've obviously put in so much care to research the right pattern and fit before making it. I love the mock-up of the original illustration too. A really lovely dress and a perfect fit to the competition theme.

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