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mourning gown Photo by Steven Shaw. Model was Madelaine Pavey.
mourning gown mourning gown

mourning gown


YWU comp logo EXPERIENCED wMost of my costuming is for wearing at balls or dance displays. I was asked to make this 1850s mourning gown to go on display at the Sexton Cottage Museum in North Sydney.  I found a black mourning dress at the Powerhouse Museum worn by Amelia Hackney in Sydney in the 1850s/1860s and based my dress on hers, using the same measurements. Though I chose a heavy duchess silk satin I wanted to make the front different and chose a fan-front design. Most of the stitching was by hand, with the sewing machine used for skirt seams only. For most of this project I felt very sad - it was hard at times to make myself finish it.

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