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And Now for That Other Stash . . .

August Macke, Hat Shopping, 1914"The Other Stash?" you ask. Shoes, hats, coats, wraps, parasols, stockings, undies... here's how to organise The Other Stash.

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And Now for That Other Stash . . . by Diane Yoshitomi   Your stash is so extensive! I envy it.

Personally my finished-item stash consists of few enough items that I don't loose any, although I do so want more closet space to hang things more neatly (hey, do I really need smart suits for work? couldn't I just wear Victorian outfits?)

I do have an in-progress book inventory though. It does seem to be always very in-progress. Adding newly acquired items to the list when you get them is an essential part of good record keeping I think.
And Now for That Other Stash . . . by Diane Yoshitomi   This is ASTONISHING!!! I am such a piker. You've made me promise myself that I am going to have ONE costume finished by August 2010 Costume College if it KILLS me - (and it just might!) Thanks, Diane, for being willing to be the model storage maven; you inspire me with your organization, your industry, and your passion!!!  
And Now for That Other Stash . . . by Diane Yoshitomi   I don't have enough things like this to count as a stash, but certainly hope to one day so this is a very good starter, and can be used for our normal accessories as well.

Now I need to try and tackle my pattern stash, then my corset making stash, my book stash....
And Now for That Other Stash . . . by Diane Yoshitomi   This is fantastic! How I ever miss your first article on this is making me kick myself. We basically have to be our own Wardrobe Master and record our collection.

Thank you! :)

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