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Fabrics & materials

Man vs Machine

machine-iconLynn finds out whether several tools and machines are worth the money, or whether they just make a simple job more complicated. 

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Man vs Machine   I have wondered about all these devices, and had yet to invest in any of them to just "try" them out. Thank you so much for this. I have n=made my own 1 inch knife pleat board. It is 20 inches wide and will take an entire width of 54" wide fabric and pleat it down to 18". I made it from art canvas and heavy iron-interfacing. Works great!  
Man vs Machine   OK Now I seriously want a pleating machine. Those bird wings are incredible. :-D  
Man vs Machine   A pleating jig, how I love thee. I only ever made one, but I wouldn't have gotten through double box pleating without it! The bias cutter is something I may actually invest in, since I use my scraps of fabric I like to make bias for decorative purposes....  
Man vs Machine   very useful, consider getting the bias tape maker now... :-) pleasting wise: I invested in a ruffler for my sewing machine ( janome) and it works lie a dream! you can pleat every 12, 6 or 1 stitch and you can adjust the width of the pleats. saves loads of time!  
Man vs Machine   Awesome reviews!
Even more Awesome hats!
Man vs Machine   I'm so coveting the hats! The machine reviews are very useful too.  
Man vs Machine   For those who are crazy about hats, Lynn McMasters is always a mine of information, advice and tricks.
My question is slightly off-subject; how do you prevent the edges, cut with pinking shears, from fraying: lacquer, spray starch..?
On old costumes it doesn’t fray; was it done with heat somehow?
Man vs Machine   Cathi, It's all about the fabric and the weaves. You can't have a cut raw edge with fabrics that are loosely woven and fray. Most modern fabrics that are woven by machine are not as tightly woven as their historical counter parts.
Another trick with fabrics that do fray just a little is to cut them on the bias, that way you can not pull on a single thread and be able to pull it along the cut.
The things I have shown in this article are Silk Taffeta cut on the bias, felted wool cut on straight of grain and double sided silk satin cut on bias. These are my stand-by fabrics but if I think I might want to use something else I will just do a test and see if it survives. Don't expect to be able to machine wash anything that has a raw edge.
Man vs Machine   Wonderful article! I was also in the camp of not trying these in fear of spending money on a useless gadget, but now I look forward to having a sewing room again so I can add these gadgets to my collection :)  
Man vs Machine   I have a pleater and think it is so troublesome to use in pleating bishops for my daughter but am excited to see uses I never thought of. Love the ribbons! Am going to take out pleater and try it! Thank you.  

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