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Fabrics & materials

Passementerie Ornaments

passenentarie-iconHow to create stand-alone miniature works of textile art with cord, thread and a few pins.

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Passementerie Ornaments   Thanks Kelly. I can't wait to try this.:-)  
Passementerie Ornaments   What a fascinating subject, I have some original ones given to me by an old friend. I will have a good look at them and see if I can reproduce one. Thankyou Kelly.  
Passementerie Ornaments   This is great for any of my future projects, since I like using lots of trim now. I'd love to learn how to do those little pompom type balls that they had.  
Passementerie Ornaments   Thanks everyone! I will look forward to hopefully seeing some of your examples. :-) @Valerie Often the little pompoms are quite simple. Most of the ones I have had my hands on are small circles of fabric, often velvet, that you would stitch around the edge, pull up the stitches till you have a pocket, stuff with wadding, attach to cord, and poof! pompom. You can also bead the little pompom. It seems they are usually beaded either in vertical lines or spiraled around the ball. I also have several period versions of instructions for crocheted balls made from lace thread. It takes A LOT of these little balls. These could be the seamstresses version of The Thousand Cranes! :-D  
Passementerie Ornaments   Kismet. I can't believe I found an article on something as obscure as recreating Victorian passementerie, and penned by none other than the fabulous Kelly Cochran Davis.

I am armed to the teeth with soutache. I am so trying this at home. Probably this weekend.

Thanks for the fabulous demo!!!!
Passementerie Ornaments   all beautiful, and beautiful writing.  

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