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Detail from Portrait de Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de BuffonThe art and science of hand sewn buttonholes, looking close-up at museum examples and then making our own in four simple stages.

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Perfect Hand Sewn Buttonholes
This is one of my favourite articles yet! I'm such a detail-geek :-D Thank you so much for writing this for us.

It's perfectly timed for me, I've got a pile of WIPs that need some intensive buttonholing today - I thought it was going to be a chore, but now I'm excited for it!

Perfect Hand Sewn Buttonholes
Thank you for this article! My grandmother taught me the same techniques. but I had forgotten it.:-)
Cathy's mention of this article in this week's email was very timely. I am about to start on the 64 buttonholes needed to complete my current project. I've done them before but it has been a while. Thank you for a lovely article.
very nice article
very nice article -- love the details! I, too , encourage others not to use the seam ripper-- it just shreds the fabric (not pretty). My favorite tool to use in this work is a button hole chisel -- clean sharp cuts. Thank you for so clearly showing the button hole stitches. :)

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