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Tassels by the Yard

tassels-iconGina Barrett shares with us the easy method for making yards and yards of tassel and pom-pom trim for your Victorian gowns.

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Tassels by the Yard   Awesome! I can never find these kinds of trims in the color I want and now I can make my own. Probably need to do a tassel party to get help to do the amount of yards I need tho. :) :-D  
Tassels by the Yard   Gina,

How did you get fine thread to stay in place over a bead?

Charlene Roberts
Tassels by the Yard   Hi Charlene,

For that bead I simply wrapped - with needle and thread - going through the hole. Use large hole wooden beads - and then use a bead reamer to clean the holes, smooth them and make them a bit bigger. A bit of beeswax rubbed on the bead will help the initial threads to stay in place.

There is a more complicated 'proper' method of passementerie wrapping which is used for larger tassels, but it is fiddly and most people I teach find 'sewing' through the hole easiest for small beads.

I hope this helps!

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