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Choosing the right fabrics for 18th century gownsThe key to an accurate 18th century gown is the right fabric. Hallie explains what to look for and what to avoid when you're shopping.

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Most enjoyable read Hallie. Thank you so much for all the information and wonderful photos of appropriate fabrics.

Charlene Roberts

Thank you for this tutorial - very helpful! I recognize that you're focusing on silks, but I often see chintz fabrics that have 18th century elements. Can you comment on their use?
Really interesting subject!

I just want to add that it's a good idea to get swatches from pure silks. Their pictures are so not true to real life colour.

(I have 5 or 6 yards of dark red and brown striped taffeta that both picture and description claimed to be cherry pink and champange. Anyone want' to buy it?)

Choosing chintz fabrics for 18th century clothing is a challenge. You can study chintz designs and elements from some excellent publications: Chintz,Indian Textiles for the West from the V and A and also Woven Cargoes, Indian Textiles in the East. Good chintzes are more difficult to find than good silks in the market place, but they are out there.
Hallie, what a thoughtful and thorough essay; I feel empowered enough to go out today and start shopping! Thanks for sharing your expertise and your "eye" with us aspirants ...

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