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squarepicTransferring embroidery designs onto dark fabric can be difficult, but Sunny walks us through a time-tested method used by embroiderers for centuries.

squarepicIn the midst of a costume project, we all sometimes find our sewing area can get quickly out of hand. Lisha shows us how to organize our sewing furniture and supplies.

SquarepicEver pictured the perfect fabric in your mind, only to despair when there was nothing similar in the stores? Lisha gets you started on designing your own custom fabric.

SquarepicHaving a dedicated sewing room is a dream for many costumemakers. In part two of her series, Lisha shows us how to arrange and organize a perfect sewing space.

SquarepicThrough history we have invented various ways to close our garments, but which one is right for your period? Izabela explores a range of historical fastenings. 

SquarepicTransform humble string into braids, cords, ties and fastenings for your historic costumes with Gina's guide to custom laces which add strength and color.

SquarepicExpert costume makers know it is vital to press seams and shape fabric with an iron as you sew. Lisha tells us why and shares tips for how to press more effectively.

SquarepicIn Part 2 of her series on creating customised fabrics, Lisha shows us how to design and order our own special, unique cloth - perfect for recreating your dream outfit!

SquarepicMichelle's clever painted embellishment techniques allow you to reproduce the beauty of historic embroidered fabrics and help those dream dressmaking projects become a reality.

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