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profilepictureWhen making a historical dress, it can often be difficult to find interesting trim in a suitable color. Mette shows us how to make our own fringe.

TasselsLynn McMasters shows us how to make three kinds of tassels to add color, weight, and movement to any period costume.

Choosing the right fabrics for 18th century gownsThe key to an accurate 18th century gown is the right fabric. Hallie explains what to look for and what to avoid when you're shopping.

BeadedTassels2X2This is the one you've been waiting for — let's bling out those costumes with some beautiful beaded tassels!

DistressTeenyAgeing, dyeing, and distressing aren't downers when we're talking about fabric. Here's how to make new clothes look old.

icon free smCathy introduces this exciting and underused technique, and demonstrates how to make a peacock feather from the famous dress.

Compound tasselsLynn McMasters shows us how to make compound tassels. 


frog15 tiny

Frog fasteners give a military edge to any Steampunk style. Here's an easy way to achieve the look without getting all tangled up.

tassels-iconGina Barrett shares with us the easy method for making yards and yards of tassel and pom-pom trim for your Victorian gowns.

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