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Detail from Portrait de Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de BuffonThe art and science of hand sewn buttonholes, looking close-up at museum examples and then making our own in four simple stages.

lacemakingNo matter how good a garment is, it can always be improved by adding some lace. Izabela looks at Punto in Aria and bobbin lace.

plaids2-iconDiane shows us how to use "Match Points" to guarantee that your garment has perfectly matched plaids or stripes.

passenentarie-iconHow to create stand-alone miniature works of textile art with cord, thread and a few pins.

eBay and beyondTips and tricks for scoring big on eBay - and introducing some less well-trodden auction sites for vintage and antique deals.

plaids1-IconPlaids are Difficult, Stripes are Tricky, so we avoid them. But they can be tamed to impressive results: Diane shows how!

Thread wrapped buttons

Gina Barrett shows us how to make Deaths' Head buttons, one type of the many different type of  passementerie buttons. 

machine-iconLynn finds out whether several tools and machines are worth the money, or whether they just make a simple job more complicated. 

August Macke, Hat Shopping, 1914"The Other Stash?" you ask. Shoes, hats, coats, wraps, parasols, stockings, undies... here's how to organise The Other Stash.

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