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icon free smHere's how to manage your fabric, trim, patterns, buttons, and other costuming materials before they take over your home!

icon free smPossibly the most important article at YWU: pointers to help you avoid and manage potential ill effects to your health.

Detail from Portrait of Peter Saltonstall, 1610Details on where to get quality materials to re-create all kinds of extant ruffs, collars, smocks, shifts and chemises.

Princess Charlotte of BelgiumRibbon embellishments are a recurring feature throughout history. Gina shows you how to recreate some of these effective details.

Detail from US Patent 21839, 1858The best sources for cage crinoline supplies, corsetry, fine cotton fabrics for undies, and wide eyelet and cutwork lace for frilliness.

Detail of A Private View at the Royal Academy, 1881, William Powell FrithHow do you clean and care for wool without shrinking it? Diana answers some questions we've all asked ourselves at one point or another!

icon free smAny hobby or occupation has implications for your health. Let us point out pitfalls & tips to help you sew longer!

Detail from Portrait of Louise Dupin, 1733What stripes can mean and when they're appropriate, plus secrets to choosing, using, cutting and matching striped fabric.

corsetry_supplies_icon.jpgHere's a wide collection of suppliers for just about any corsetry supply you might wish for, even legal Baleen (real whalebone)!

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