YWU2014 Runner Up!

I spent several weeks looking through portraits and paintings, and eventually it came down to several portraits by Renoir. The one of the actress Jeanne Samary in her evening gown felt the most practical and the most rewarding.
The impressionist painting was not the most detailed, so I took liberties with my interpretations. The fabric, for instance, was a silk dupioni in the corn color. I doubt that was the material Jeanne Samary actually wore for the painting, but I thought that the iridescent qualities of the fabric would better capture the impressionist spirit of the portrait rather than the original dress. I took the general pattern from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 2 and heavily modified the bodice. The corset was drafted using the tutorial from Foundations Revealed. And I made the bustle using Laughing Moon's Hoops and Bustles patterns.
The ruffles all ended up needing to be hand sewn, and I finally know why thimbles were such a necessity. It was the first dress I've made from the Victorian era, despite my love of the bustle periods. I was so excited to give it a try. This was by far the biggest project I've undertaken, and I am not sure I would have picked something so ambitious this early in my self-education had it not been for this website. Thank you for the consideration and the opportunity to enter this competition. 


Sophia Baramidze  Jeanne de Samary
Sophia Baramidze  Sophia Baramidze  Sophia Baramidze 
 Sophia Baramidze Sophia Baramidze  Sophia Baramidze 



Ethereal and graceful
Well done--particularly all that hand work to set the ruffles! The cut of the bodice is wonderful over the corset, and that neckline frames your beautiful collarbones to perfection.
Ah, so beautiful!
Fantastic! I love everything about this dress - the fabric, colour, the beutiful ruffles and fit. Awsome!
I love the colour and the ruffles, and they look so good on you, too. I couldn't see the painting linked to in the description, so hope this is the correct one - and am sharing so others can see as well.
This dress is beautiful on you and it really looks like the one in Renoir's painting. You captured the colour and shape of the dress and your dedication to getting those ruffles just right is really admirable!
I love the way you used texture and color in this dress. It really made me think painting, regardless of the inpiration. And mad props for those ruffles. I envy their uniformity.

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