withportrait2SmallThe outfit consists of a velvet dress with train, low bodice and slit sleeves, a chemisette with neck ruffle, a full three-tier lace ruff and lace cuffs, tiara and earrings.

This was the first time I'd used double velvet and it was lovely (or horrible, depending upon the day). I got to do some great experiments to discover the best way to create the proper effect in the ruff. The chemisette was a challenge to get properly fitted to create the barely-there quality of the painting. Ingre's detail was amazing to replicate. 

Portrait of Madame de Senonnes Lauren Lind
Lauren Lind Lauren Lind





One of my favorite portraits!
I love that you even copied her hairstyle. Beautiful red velvet, and I love the ribbon accents. Nicely done!
You've done a fantastic job recreating such a stunning portrait. The attention to detail in getting the hairstyle, ruff and accessories to match the original really finishes off the costume perfectly.

I used velvet on my own entry so I share your love/hate relationship with that particular fabric, but no matter how many difficult days you had the end result looks gorgeous!

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