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Patterns & patternmaking

Drafting 5: Publishing Patterns

pattern drafting 5

What if you want to "standardize" your patterns and sell them? It's not as complicated as you might think... Jennie shows how.

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  Thank you very much for this article. It is something I have been thinking about doing, but hadn't had a clue where to start and the internet was very sadly lacking. Thankfully this site has proven brilliant for giving information that Google just can't, and I am grateful for it.  
Fantastic!   I'm so glad this was helpful, Deborah! I'm tickled pink to see more talented designers publish historical patterns. You can never have too many! wink  
  Great encouragement, Jennie!
I don't plan on making patterns myself but I do hope there are some folks who read your article and consider doing more from the 1900s thru the 1930s since pattern companies are seriously lacking patterns for that time period.
  This is exactly the information I've been looking for, especially the bits about printing and packaging. Thank you!  
  This is a wonderful article, Jennie! It is exactly what I have been searching for. I really would like to start publishing some of my own patterns but I didn't know where to start, until now! You have been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to me for most of my life. Thank you for taking the time to share with others!  
  I agree with all of the above. So inspiring to all us wanna-be's. So happy to have found these two web sites full of fascinating writers such as yourself.  
  thank you so, so much for the very clear and helpful instructions! I'm embarking on a project right now and this is exactly the info I was looking for. Three cheers!  

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