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Natural Form Era Hair 1

NFEHair-iconHow to make several must-have Victorian hairpieces from an inexpensive but lifelike synthetic hair. Let's start by making a switch.

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Natural Form Era Hair 1   Oh, that's interesting! I am very happy to know that the pretty period hair was not achieved with only one's own hair (because WAH my hair is insufficient; waily waily etc.). Runs off to buy fake hair.  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   This is good! I can't wait for the second article. I have short hair which looks terrible with period costume, so I have to resort to hairpieces. But none of them have ever looked right, because I didn't know what I was doing! I was starting to despair and contemplate a full wig . . . I think you've just saved my sanity! :D  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   I'd love to know how to style them into a coiffure. How very interesting that the bangs in some of the styles were likely false. That would be a great service for modern hair too. I eagerly await the second installment.  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   Eggiebert, I will have at least 4 and I think 5 different women done up step by step in period evening styles. They have very different modern hair none of them have bangs. I was going to start off the article with the stylings but the period hairpieces became so important I figured I needed to get those out of the way first. Lynn  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   You are SO amazing! Such industry to figure all this out from archaid sources, and then to create this tutorial - I thank you from the bottoms of our collective hearts. Can't wait to see the next part(s); such fun (for us, now that YOU have done the hard work!) Thank you again!!!  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   Fabulous. I was just looking at a switch in a package yesterday and it was all rumpled and fake looking so I turned it down. Now I see that's how it started out, and how to have it come out great looking. Thanks Lynn!
Being one of those with very short hair, and hair-challenged, I appreciate any help I can get.
Natural Form Era Hair 1   Lynn, how did you create the "steam set wave" in the last picture?  
Natural Form Era Hair 1   There are two steam set waves. The top one I set by using all the small curlers I have and one by one I wrapped the switch over one curler and then adding another curler under that and so on until I think I had maybe 20 or 25 curlers. I used long bobby pins between the curlers to hold them together.
The bottom one was just braided in a three part braid. Both I set by putting them in the steamer for 3 mins and in the freezer until cool. The bottom one was so much easier.
Don't expect these to stay if you comb them out. You should set them and use them. You might have to iron and re set next time. Lynn

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