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Hairstyle Case Study: The Pink Pouf

SquarepicFollowing from her articles on basic wig styling techniques, Elizabeth shows us how to apply them to make an C18th inspired hairstyle, aka the 'big pink pouf'.

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  But there's no picture of it on! The world wants to see!  
  Ha! This will sound ridiculous, but I meant to put the wig on to show what it looks like on a human head. But when I finished the wig I found I had developed a big red pimple right on my nose. I decided the mannequin could just model it this time.

I'll take a new picture to share shortly.
  I'm amused by the Cowboy Bebop reference.  
  I'm glad to hear it.  
  Awesome tutorial! I feel much more confident about restyling my (mostly) failed wig attempt now. Mine isn't a lace front, but in the future if/when I buy one, what should I do with the excess netting around the hairline? Just trim it?  
  Yep! If it's down pretty far, just trim it up. The lace front on that wig was initially like 4", which went down over my eyes, so I cut a bit off the bottom.

You don't want to trim it too short. Leave about two inches, maybe a bit less if you have a shorter forehead. The lace is basically invisible against a forehead, so it won't show.
  Great tutorial, this looks like a super fun project!  
  Thanks! It was good fun.  

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