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SquarepicCynthia Settje has made a successful career sewing for theater and historical costumers. What advice does she have for us?

squarepicMeet Slogger Rose of The Ragged Victorians, who reject silks and crinolines to portray the great unwashed of 19th century society.


Burnley and Trowbridge is a go-to source for historical costuming supplies and information. But how did they get started?

Interview with Mark WallisMark Wallis, who has been called the "Father of Live Interpretation in the UK", tells us about his innovative approach to the past.

IconheaderimageSandi James shares her love of irreverent historical costuming, her favourite UK events, and English regional sunbonnets.

SquarepicMarion interviews Janet Arnold Award recipient Tasha Kelly about her research and experiences in the world of medieval re-enactment and arming clothes. 

Jennifer Rosbrugh, historicalsewing.comJennifer Rosbrugh is one of those lucky costumers who has turned her hobby into a career. Here she tells us about her passion.

squarepicWe meet Lucy Adlington of  History Wardrobe - a true costume chameleon with a wealth of knowledge across centuries of fashion.

SquarepicMarion talks to Jenny Tiramani of the Globe Theatre in London - custodian of the Janet Arnold Archive, and one of the founders of the School of Historical Dress.

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