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Marion McNealyThis month marks the first anniversary of Marion McNealy's association with Your Wardrobe Unlock'dTM, firstly as Sub-Editor and now as our Editor. It's a role that keeps her busy helping Publisher Catherine Hay to create content and manage the technical side of keeping the site running.

Marion has a rich background in historic costuming through her research into the lives of common German women in the Renaissance era. She joins us to discuss her research as well as to give us a glimpse of how she became involved with online publishing.


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Interview: Marion McNealy
Marion, I want to be just like you when I grow up! (Except not in the German Renaissance period, because clearly THAT particular Expertship is being superbly handled already ...) But your story of the way you came to this, loving the research more than the sewing, resonates strongly with me - perhaps because I'm not very skilled at the latter yet! (Oh, yes, and I also trained as a librarian, although, tragically, not recently enough to have gotten the organizing digital information skills.) Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your world, and keep up the wonderful work you're doing at YWU!

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