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Kass McGann

Kass McGann has lectured on the subject of historical clothing on three continents, publishing articles on specific items of historic dress as well as how-to guides for reenactors.

Unlike many costume historians who describe what clothing of a certain period looks like, Kass seeks to understand how it was made. Her business, Reconstructing History, makes this information available worldwide with an extensive line of historical dressmaker patterns that are exacting in historical detail and include copious notes of interest and simple directions.

Kass talks to us this month about where her obsession came from, where she intends to take it, and how she deals with projects that won't behave themselves!


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Interview: Kass McGann
It is SUCH an treat to be "in the company of" people with a real passion for what they are doing, no matter where that passion is; thanks for sharing. And personally, I want to be the first person on your list when that riding habit pattern is ready. I have seen a number of possibilities but most are really clunky, and I sense that my dream costume lies within your passion. (I have my grandmother's TOTC sidesaddle, which has been re-constructed for safety, and I just can't WAIT to use it!)

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