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Interview - Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes

This month, we talk to Cynthia Barnes, a woman whose passion for historic dance has led to a consuming costuming hobby. Her costuming efforts have crossed a broad range of periods, and her efforts to get the right look have led her to collaborate with other craftsworkers to discover ways to reproduce distant costume accessories, like wheel farthingales and chopines.

In this interview, Cynthia joins us to discuss her latest projects, costuming herself as a man and the fine line between enthusiasm for vintage dance and historic costuming.

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Interview - Cynthia Barnes   Marvelous variety of gowns,styles and time periods, that's for sharing your passion, which I had so many fabulous gowns to wear.  
Interview - Cynthia Barnes   I find this mind-boggling. How on earth do you manage to find time for "ordinary" life (like cleaning, cooking, etc., let alone showering, eating, sleeping)?? You go, girl!  

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