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Vintage Pattern Lending Library

Vintage Pattern Lending Library Janyce Hill of the Vintage Pattern Lending Library tells us all about her ambitious archival project, showing us a few of her patterns.

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Vintage Pattern Lending Library   I have a few vintage patterns that I was just wondering how to store. I love the comic bag and board idea. I will add to this information that the bags and boards are available in quite a few sizes because over the years there have been oversize comics (think magazine size) as well as the size we think of as modern comics.

Another note to those of us with no filing cabinet. They also make archival boxes that the bags and boards are designed to fit specifically and are manageable sizes and prices.
Vintage Pattern Lending Library   Oh this is great. If I may ask, what digitizer table and CAD system do you use?  
Vintage Pattern Lending Library   OK, you got my attention. I'm going to start looking through your website now. :)  
Vintage Pattern Lending Library   I wonder if one can loan an old pattern to the organization to use for scanning, copying and making available to others, but the original pattern returns to the owner? That makes the patterns available to a wider audience, which seems to be the original intent, but the individual gets to keep that which might still have sentimental or useful value.  
Vintage Pattern Lending Library   @icansew -I had the same thought, I have a few 1920s patterns that I would like to share but wouldn't want to part with permanently.:\  

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