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Janye Shrimpton InterviewWe talk to a dress historian, portrait specialist and photo detective about her work, and present a competition for you!

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This was very interesting to read, as I too as a costume maker love to hunt down these images for my education and for use in trimming my gowns.
Can anyone tell us the dates during which each format or type of photo was in production during those times?

Hello Val
I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview.
I cover all the different photographic formats in detail (with dates) in my latest book,
How to Get the Most from Family Pictures
(Society of Genealogists, 2011) This is illustrated with around 220 images - artworks and, mainly, photographs.
Alternatively there is an abbreviated discussion of photographic formats (with illustrations) in one of my 2011 Family Photographs blog posts for the genealogy website, Findmypast. Here is the link:-
I hope that you may find this series a useful resource

The unknown headdress looks very similar to this Bride's headdress from Denmark, circa 1830
I wonder if it was a gift from a friend, or a present brought back from a trip by her husband? Where they at all involved in sea trades?

Thank you, Marion
The unidentified headdress does look similar to the Danish bride's headdress, doesn't it! This also ties in with the expert consensus that it was likely to be some kind of European folk style.
I'll mention your suggestion to the client, to see if they feel there could be a family connection with Denmark. They were essentially working-class English ancestors - publicans from the north - so it may require some digging around... This is definitely an example of where fashion meets family history!

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