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Bjarne Drews

Bjarne Drews

Danish embroiderer and costume maker Bjarne Drews has a magnificent obsession with the costume and embellishment of the eighteenth century European royal courts. Your Wardrobe Unlock'd caught up with him in Copenhagen to talk about what it is that fascinates him, how he got started and how you can get started too in the intricate art of hand embroidery.

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Bjarne Drews   I am so happy to see this article. Bjarne has long been one of my favorite costumers (and embroiderers, and lacemakers...). Thank you for sharing a closer look at his work.  
Bjarne Drews   You're very welcome!  
Bjarne Drews   I am always amazed at the works of art that Bjarne creates from a simple strand of thread. His passion for detail is unsurpassed and his eye for blending colors and shades is impeccable . I have admired his work for some time and it was a joy to read more about him. Thanks for such an interesting and enlightening article!  

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