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Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, photographed by Brady-HandyThis month we have a special edition of Ask the Experts devoted to your questions about the Single Pattern Project '09.

You've seen lots of how-tos now - the in-depth analyses from Sunny, Cathy's run-down of the possibilities and the rules, trimmings ideas from Gina, Ginger's petticoat, and so on - and the deadline for your entry is less than three months away.

We have two important questions: how do you finish the hem, and how does one wear the finished outfit?

Submit your questions now on the "Ask a question" page for next month's column!


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Ask the Experts: July 2009
Oh, that's very helpful, thanks.
Single Pattern Project 2009
Hi there,

I'm looking for the sewing pattern for the Single Pattern Project of 2009 or any useful information about it. I wonder if it's possible to still obtain this pattern?

Thank you,

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