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Arrufos, 1887I hope everyone is having a great summer (and winter for all those south of the Equator)! Cathy and  I are really looking forward to meeting a lot of you at Costume College at the end of the month.

Thank you all for all of the responses to our request for questions and stories, we had over 25 questions sent in!  Out of all those, we picked  four questions this month. More will be answered next month, and some of them are great ideas for future articles!

The first question is  on the scale used in Norah Waugh's books. The next is  on getting 5mm grommets to set smoothly, and the next on how to get pleats in silk crepe to lie smoothly. The  last one is on the rarity of an embroidered chemise.

We also share a humorous  story sent in by Jennie on the importance of asking clarifying questions to your client or customer...


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Ask the Experts: August 2009
Thank you ALL for sharing your expertise on my chemise question! (But Suzi, it is definitely linen, and a beautiful finely woven piece to boot) ... and I am going to believe that it was created about 1859 by the French-convent-trained seamstress who contributed to the never-equaled trousseau of the doll named Blondinette, whose single chemise (one of several) sold for $300 more than 20 years ago! BTW, fans of the art of stitchery really MUST look at Florence Theriault's "The Trousseau of Blondinette Devranches". This would meet Cathy's wildest definition of the Holy Grail project ...

And best of all, thanks to the Experts, I am going to go right ahead and use and enjoy my own masterpiece chemise - the heck with future generations!!! Thank you again - TG

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