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Letters, Questions & Advice: March 2010

Doll dressed in the latest fashion in 1857This month:

  • Trisha asks about creating a dress form for a French fashion doll and patterns for it.
  • Shawn inquires about the historically correct way to piece an 1880 chemise
  • Cathy explains about the DPP Corsets competition and FR


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Letters, Questions & Advice: March 2010   Point the first, my name should be Amanda Lerum Faulkner in my response to Trisha's question.
Second, I don't know what scale Loren Dearborn works in as ABJD come in many sizes, but for my SPP2009 entry the bolero sleeves were set in as that is how the pattern is, my doll was a 16" Tonner. As long as you can get a finger in the armscye you can set a sleeve in by hand, just take your time(and possibly invest in some small curved needles). Period doll clothes did have set in sleeves too, but if you can do them flat, like on chemises and such, DO IT!
Also check out the Girls Own Toy-maker from 1860

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