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Cup of tea and a good read

Doll Costuming


An insight into the peculiar practical challenges and frustrations of costuming on a miniature scale!

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Doll Costuming by Amanda Lerum   Have a look at this wonderful site:

It has patterns too!
Doll Costuming by Amanda Lerum   I'm doing an 18th century costume for a 1/4 BJD, and your article is just what I needed. Now I know what I can use for boning the paniers! It's a shame that I already finished the corset, I had to leave it unboned.  
Doll Costuming by Amanda Lerum   Xchan I challenge you to remake the corset. I haven't seen a dolls pair of stays that are unboned for that era, jumps by definition are unboned. your scale will be bigger than mine was, quite doable. you may also want to look into 5mm plastic boning sold by the meter/yard. it may just hold up better than the cable ties or styrene. The reason I didn't include it in the article is that I have yet to play with it. (but I am going to very very soon!)  
Doll Costuming by Amanda Lerum   Corsetra, I'm going to take the challenge. I'll use the cable ties for it, mostly because I can get them for free, but I'll note the plastic boning for my next projects. Thank you for the advice!  
Doll Costuming by Amanda Lerum   What a fun article! I am not likely to be doing this, really, although I DO own a 15" French fashion doll that I always thought would be fun to sew for. I have since concluded that, for now at least, 1) I have too many other projects in the idea file, and 2) I do not have the patience to deal with such teensy, tinesy pieces as proper scale would require. But thank you so much for sharing your experience and insights; I will print this article out and store it in Marie Celeste's trunk so that perhaps her NEXT owner can benefit!  

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