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Cup of tea and a good read

How to Build a Hatbox

SquarepicA good hatbox is essential for keeping vintage or handmade hats safe and in good condition. Lynn shows us how to build one big enough for even the Romantic era.

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  Awesome! What I needed! Ok my hat is not high but wide and I am cheap. So I will try to squeeze in hat box making in my schedules. ;)  
hatbox making   Thank you Lynn. This was amazing as are all of your articles. Should I ever find time to try hatbox making, I would like to do one for men's top hats as I can never seem to find any box the right size around and tall enough. Hexagon should work for top hats.

Hope I can find the right board locally.

Charlene Roberts
  Hello, I am very interesting with your hatbox. Do you know the French equivalence (the name?) of the cardboard you you use.
Many thanks.
  Hello, I am very interesting in your hat box.
Do you know the French equivalence (name?) of the cardboard you use.
Many thanks
Acid free cardboard   I'm sorry I do not but if you go to a shop that does custom framing of artwork or old prints ask what backing cardboard they use for their best prints, that would be what I use. Not the board they use on the front to frame the artwork that usually has a colored and textured surface but the plain white or black board that goes behind the print. Lynn  
  Thanks a lot for your answer. I am going to see what I can find. Gaelle  

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