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jerrilynJerrilyn provides an indispensable guide to working with textured hair, and demonstrates how to style 1940s favourites, Victory Rolls.

icon free smNobody wants a wardrobe malfunction on their head. Liz shows us how to put on a wig, keep it there, and make it look pretty. 

icon free smA great costume deserves a great head of hair. Liz shows us how to get started styling wigs - straightening, curling, storing, and tools you need. 

apollos knot square 100In her final chapter on spectacular Romantic Era hair, Lynn demystifies two more hairstyles, including the infamous Apollo's Knot. 

SquarepicIt can be difficult to find examples of daytime hairstyles in paintings and fashion plates, but Lynn can show us how to make some.

squarepicThe Romantic Era had some of the most intricate and eye-catching hairstyles you'll ever want to copy. Lynn explains a few styles. 

squarepicThe Romantic Era, 1815-1840, has some of the most iconic hairstyles of any period. Lynn shows us how to create the look for ourselves.

1The late 1910s, and WWI, saw a huge change in hairstyles. Lynn gives us step-by-step instructions for some classic late 'teens looks.

1The 1910s were a decade of rapid change in fashion and hairstyling. Lynn show us how to create several pretty hairstyles of the period.

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