jerrilynJerrilyn provides an indispensable guide to working with textured hair, and demonstrates how to style 1940s favourites, Victory Rolls.

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Victory Rolls
This is a lovely, well written and well researched article. Thank you so much. Stitchlings needs more articles on period or vintage hairstyles for people of color. We need more.

I do have one thing to note sourcing my mother who lived through WWII. She used rats for volume. However, instead of stuffing the hair into a stocking, which at the time were very expensive and hard to find, she used a fine hair net. She said hair nets were easier to mold into shape and to pin on. Further, should they peek through the hair during the day they were hard to tell from her own hair. In her experience nets were lighter and stayed in better than any of the other methods she had tried or heard about. I've made them her way for my own vintage looks, and it works quite well.

Beyond that, I'm truly looking forward to reading anything more that you publish.

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